The Story and Goals for MOC NFT’s

Since I got into cryptocurrencies in 2017, I’ve witnessed two bull market cycles and 2 bear market cycles. I’ve seen amazing projects come and go and have covered many of them. I’ve seen every scam, rug pull, hack and cheat from ICO’s to DEFI to Exchanges. The crypto world is still very much like a digital Wild Wild West.

Over the years I’ve researched many blockchain based projects, both for paid segments on my Youtube channel and for personal interests. I’ve built a community over the years with a straight up, no nonsense approach to how I do things and I’ve done well for myself in the space. I’m always learning, growing and expanding on what consumes my time and interest. Through all of this I believe I have educated tens of thousands of people on various projects with the number one project of all being Cardano.

My goal has always been to educate, inspire and help my viewers understand the value of blockchain technology while exploring new ideas with my community by my side. Many hard core and loyal fans still remain in my comments and my heart each and every day and started back in 2017 with me. We have all learned a lot and seen it all. Our filters are strong and our interests continue to grow.

I’ve wanted to launch an NFT collection for fun for years now but I’ve wanted the collection to have more use than just cute graphics. I wanted real use case associated with them and a way to drive adoption and education as well as potential revenue outside of DEFI or Yield Farming type mechanisms. I wanted something more real, fundamental and rewarding.

I have in development now a social media platform unlike anything on the market today and it’s focus is on community building. I am going to explain my goals for this platform, though not to be taken as an exact part of my roadmap for #MOC, but a goal I’d like to reach so that you understand where I am in thought as it relates to what I think will be possible in the near future. If we can build this, we plan to and are already building the foundation for it. Part of our limitations right now is in the lack of smart contract functionality and throughput on Cardano currently and with the roadmap for Cardano addressing these issues soon, our hope is that it opens us up to build what I am laying out below. There is no guarantee, though the success of the sale of the MOC collection means bringing us that much closer to having the resources to pull this off when the time is right.

The social media platform is meant to be like a Twitter meets OnlyFans without a focus on adult content, but rather community and conversation with the option to activate content stored on the blockchain forever as well as exclusive content from creators. Furthermore, the goal is to build this platform to empower existing communities to utilize NFT’s to act as a key to unlock profit sharing potential.

 For example, the Murder Of Crows community has a group founded on the platform and everyone that owns one of the NFT’s has accessed their account and created their profile. Part of their registration is the user adding their wallet address to the system and verifying that they hold an MOC NFT. Each time they log into the community, the system will check to make sure their NFT is still on their wallet. If it has been sold off, the system will reject the users access to the community and await the new owner to register their ownership. The base profile of users will be different than the specific community accesses they maintain through ownership of NFT’s.

From here, there are many of us Youtubers that generate revenue from paid segments on our channels. Even conventions host think tank review panels and sell access to those panels to budding crypto projects looking for feedback on their ideas in hopes of generating interest in them.

 Thousands to tens of thousands of dollar are spent by these blockchain companies looking for exposure to even one good platform, Youtuber etc to generate interest in their project. There are also countless “brokers” in the market claiming to represent an army of influencers trying to sell access to us to project companies so they can then come to us and say “I have this project wanting a review on your channel, what is your rate” and then they take a percentage of the deal off the top.

Why not build a community or series of communities around exactly that and share the revenue generated with the community and have these brokers and booking agents representing them all as options?

What if there is a growing list of communities on a social media platform and each one were available to budding projects to act as a bit of an incubator think tank? A project pays a fee to present their project to the community and the fee is distributed to all of the active holders of the associated NFT? In exchange, they have a tentative audience of people reading their whitepaper, discussing the pros and cons and giving them an invaluable collection of feedback and potentially some investors as well. These communities can be rated by activity and the higher the activity from the community, the higher a fee can be charged to projects wanting that community feedback and interest. This, to me, is an extremely powerful use case for blockchain and a way to help educate one another through discussion of ideas while helping crypto projects better structure themselves to be of more interest to more people while addressing issues or things associated with their projects.

This is the ultimate goal for the Murder Of Crows NFT collection and one of a list of use cases I’d like to see come to fruition before the next Bull market cycle. Now is the time to build, grow, learn and educate. As options open up on Cardano for us to bring these types of use cases together, we certainly plan to. Publishing this openly means, maybe we aren’t the first, but you’ll know, Crypto Crow invented this concept and put it out there for the world. It’s not about necessarily being first, but growing the community as a whole, reducing the shit coins on the market and crappy projects and embracing the good ones that merit the attention. Together, we stand a better chance of doing this and in time, we will.

The only major concern I have with the use case is in the question of Revenue share associate with NFT ownership. Does owning something that acts as a key to potential revenue share make it a security? Does the manual and intentional act of not only having to use the NFT to unlock access to said community negate the securities issues but also that you have to actively participate in said community? Nothing is guaranteed as there is no claim to the community being sought after, profitable etc but rather a possibility? These are legal questions that will have to be remedied, but regardless, the MOC NFT’s will unlock special features on my upcoming social media platform including first access to it, so be ready.

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