Aug 31 – Twisted Times Airdrop

Wow. I dont know what to say but the Murder Of Crows NFT Collection has been flourishing and the people are speaking. You love them! It is showing by the feedback I’ve been getting about my funny little Crows and the happiness I’ve been seeing on all platforms has been inspiring. The numbers have been… Continue reading Aug 31 – Twisted Times Airdrop

The Story and Goals for MOC NFT’s

Since I got into cryptocurrencies in 2017, I’ve witnessed two bull market cycles and 2 bear market cycles. I’ve seen amazing projects come and go and have covered many of them. I’ve seen every scam, rug pull, hack and cheat from ICO’s to DEFI to Exchanges. The crypto world is still very much like a… Continue reading The Story and Goals for MOC NFT’s

MOC Whitelist

If you would like to know when the MOC Collection will launch for minting, just add yourself to the whitelist and we will notify you with the countdown!