Aug 31 – Twisted Times Airdrop

Wow. I dont know what to say but the Murder Of Crows NFT Collection has been flourishing and the people are speaking. You love them! It is showing by the feedback I’ve been getting about my funny little Crows and the happiness I’ve been seeing on all platforms has been inspiring. The numbers have been inspiring as well I cant lie. The collection has empowered me to do other things such as pay developers for my Tactical Game, pay my devs for the social media platform I’ve had in development for some time as MVP’s for both are getting close and soon to be ready for Project Catalyst Submissions.

As a thank you to all of the early adopters who have bought Crows from the collection this month and absolutely brought me so much joy at a time I’ve been struggling to find inspiration in all of the chaos, anger and hate spreading like wild fire through the world, I am giving you an airdrop. Not just any airdrop…

On August 31st, to celebrate the launch month of #MOC and its early adopters, will be airdropping all MOC holders a minimum of two Twisted Times NFT’s and the race to unlock the Twisted Times Treasure Hunt Wallet will begin!

The Twisted Times NFT collection is a series I began quite a while back before I fully knew what I was doing with NFT’s. I paused the project halfway through because frankly, not many seemed to care or understand it. So now, I will explain how this will work.

The Twisted Times NFT collection is made up of 24 satire images that represent the world of late. Comical to most, potentially offensive to others, think of them as Garbage Pale Kid cards from yesteryear. These NFT’s are fictional and not meant to represent any real person but more the idea of things going on in the world. Any similarities to real people are coincidental. These are meant to be funny and provoke thought and most of all, bring some levity to a situation that has many depressed including myself. If King Tooter doesnt make you crack a smile, I dont know what will.

Every MOC holder will get Actually Andy, the first NFT in the series. Actually Andy is an important NFT as he holds the key to unlocking the rest. You see, each NFT has secrets that you must resolve and when you do, you’ll discover 1 of 24 Seed Phrase Words that when combined in order will unlock a Cardano Treasure Wallet. This wallet has been initially seeded with 1,000 ADA and is Delegated to the CROW node for passive rewards. Whats more? Every time someone buys/sells one of the Twisted Times NFT’s on the secondary market, 5% of each sale will be going into the Twisted Times Treasure Wallet where it will remain until all 24 seed words have been discovered and the wallet unlocked.

There will be a total of 100 of each NFT not counting Actually Andy which everyone will get. Who gets what NFT’s is anyone’s guess. You’ll want 1 of each for sure and only 100 people could potentially collect them all. Will you be one of them? Will you be able to unlock the Treasure Wallet? What happens if you unlock the wallet and redeem its glorious contents, is that it? No, no that’s not it because royalties will be spilling into the wallet forever from Aug 31st on and as such, anyone that has completed the 24 puzzles and ciphers will be able to import the wallet and check for ADA deposits. Muwahahaha! It’s a Twisted Time for sure.

I wish you all luck and I hope you have a blast. Work together in the MOC Discord Community. I doubt it will take a really long time to resolve this series, however, if successful, it wont be the last….

If you’d like to tease yourself and watch the Twisted Treasure Wallet you can do so here.

Crow Your Coins

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