Do Not Mint NFT's From An Exchange Wallet. Use a Browser Wallet!

Murder Of Crows NFTs

DO NOT MINT NFTS FROM AN EXCHANGE!!! Only Use A Browser Waller such as NAMI Wallet.
#MOC is a collection of 10,000 Murder Of Crows NFTs - unique digital collectibles living on the Cardano Blockchain. Your Crow will double as a membership card and grant access to members-only benefits including but not limited to Metaverse Access to Special Events and other future unlockables.
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Crow whistling in a Bull Market

MOC Story

Every day, new crypto enthusiasts fly into the crypto space to learn, share, invest and thrive. Some of these people begin to educate others, friends, family and others on how to benefit from blockchain tech to change their lives for the better. 

Around here, we call those people Crows. As Crows, we aim to change the world as best we can and birds of a feather reach the moon together.


Murder Of Crows

Murder Of Crows are Unique and programmatically generated from 90 different possible traits from eyewear, tails, feet, perches etc. There are no price tiers as each NFT costs exactly 35 ADA. 10,000 Total NFT's in the Collection. 150 NFT's reserved for marketing.
Bear Market Frustration
Too Hot In A Red Market
Cool As Steel in a Sideways Market
Calm and Collected like an NFT

Our Roadmap

Over time as the popularity of #MOC grows, use cases and benefits for the Murder Of Crows NFT Collection will unlock and expand.
We break even around the point of 10% sell through. The cost of art, fees, website, hosting etc. All for a worthwhile and fun cause.
Crows Nest
At 20% sell through we will launch a MOC merch line with Limited Edition Tees, Hoodies and other merch.

Cornucopias VIP
Cornucopias is set to become one of the largest, most popular Metaverses in cyberspace. With the use of Unreal Engine 5 and an open world of possibilities, Crows will gain access to the Crypto Crow Custom Dome which will feature live streaming events, DJ's and more.
Crows Nest
At 60% sell through we will launch a private MOC online community that will plans meet and greets, events, additional MOC use Cases and much more.
Secret Utility
In development is a new social media platform on the Cardano blockchain. Once announced, plans to utilize MOC NFTs to unlock the ability to create groups within this social platform before anyone else.
MOC Decides
At 100% sell through, we should be financially able to deliver just about anything within reason and frankly, this sounds like something the MOC community should decide and vote on when the time comes.

Quick Questions

Questions you might ask if you thought of them first. We promise nothing but hope for the best. No rug pulling or crazy gimmicks. Just growth of community and popularity being our driving force.

No. The odds of people getting wealthy from NFTs are slim. Anything can happen but it’s all based on things out of anyones control unless they are scammy more often than not.

As MOC is primarily community driven with community expansion as our primary goal, we plan to make the MOC community voices the driving force in future use cases and utility as sales and resales continue to grow giving us more to work with.

MOC NFTs are distributed with a fair launch, fair distribution. All Crows cost 35 ADA at mint.

We are are always open to collabs and working with companies interested expanding the utility of MOC NFTS. Just contact us to discuss your proposal.


meet our team

A small team of people worked together to make MOC happen and we are grateful for their hard work and creativity.
Crypto Crow
Founder MOC
Full Stack Developer